Unlike many other betting games, 50-50 chances are split equally between luck and skill. Winning or losing at Blackjack table 80% depends on strategy and only 20% depends on luck.

So if you intend to take chances to make money at the Blackjack table. Then definitely should not ignore the share of players betting with more than 10 years of fighting about how to bet Blackjack most effectively.

Watch for the Dealer opportunity scowled

When you notice that Dealer has one of the cards: 4,5 or 6. You need to play extremely cautiously so as not to miss your chances of winning big.

Basically, these cards show that the dealer is at quite a risk. Because if Dealer has a soft deck. That means the other side can be an Ace. And since an Ace in Blackjack can be either counted as 1 or 11. The dealer will be counted as not winning and forced to withdraw. So you will face a very high ability. Or meet a low-score deck.

As a player, this is an extremely favorable case for you. Especially when owning a beautiful deck. Certainly consider double or split cards to increase your winnings.

Stop when encountering hard cards

If you face a hard card 17. That is, the 17-button deck does not include an Ace. Then you should stop. Although the odds of winning are not high, when you draw more cards, you will lower your probability of winning even lower.

It would not be wise to risk in this case.

Always split an Ace and an 8 – Never split a 10

This is the golden rule of Blackjack tables. Remember to always split cards if you are having an Ace or an 8 because:

If you split, you double your chances of winning because Ace and 8 are two beautiful cards that can be combined to bring a high number of buttons with other cards.

If you stop you will own a deck of 8, 8 => 16 floating buttons with only a 30% chance of winning. Or a deck of cards A and A with only 12 points and the ability to play again up to 60%.

No insurance bets

In the case the dealer has a face up card is an Ace. Players will be given an option of betting insurance. That is, you add 1 stake equal to of your original bet to bet on the house there will be Blackjack. The insurance odds are 1 to 2.

It sounds like it will save you. Because if the dealer has Blackjack then you will even out. However, in reality, this is an obvious trap that the house is presented to scare those who are weak. Because the odds of the Dealer actually having Blackjack are very low. Insurance betting only offers no money to the dealer.

Next to action decision: Draw, stop, double bet, insurance bet. Equally important factor at the Blackjack table is how much money should be placed for each game?

Although casino betting in general has many strategies for distributing bets. But not every method is suitable for playing Blackjack. Here are the 3 most effective tactics at the Blackjack table:

1. Parlay on win

You increase your stake by the correct winning amount + your original stake after each win. Return to your original bet if you lose.

2. Paroli on winning

Double the stake after each winning game. Return to original bet after every 3 consecutive wins

3. Bet 1-3-2-6 on winning

Bet on money units 1-3-2 and 6 respectively for every 4 rounds of play after each win.


The above are some very helpful shares from the Blackjack table players. Hope this article has provided useful information. Help you to apply to your betting table and bring in decent profits.