Crown Jewels with rewarding icons and special mechanics, is a 10-line payout game from Barcrest with great bonuses for you, no matter what device you play on.

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In addition to its simple gameplay, this game offers a high staking limit and special cascading reels that can generate a wide range of free prizes with matching icons on your screen. Connect multiple wins in a row and you can get payouts of up to 5,000 coins for a single chain of matches!

The Crown Jewels slot game prize is only awarded to 10 fixed payout lines, it doesn’t seem like much until you take into account the game’s special mechanics. You can view each available cash flow by pressing the checkout panel button, where you will also find all the symbols and their prizes displayed in coins. If you want to play Crown Jewels slot machine on your phone, Barcrest offers you a more compact version of the game with less screen controls. You can play smooth slot games on almost any Android or iOS phone or tablet, including older smartphones.

Crown Jewels from Barcrest has some special features that can really spice up your game. The classic point of the game is that it rewards players in the usual way, only paying when you collect three, four or five of the same symbols on a pay line, starting from the leftmost scroll. But what’s different is that this slot also has a cascading scroll mechanism, allowing you to accumulate multiple prizes for each win you trigger. The cascading reels are triggered by any of the winning combinations and they can actually boost your bank account when playing for real money. These mechanics remove all winning symbols from the reels and replace them with new ones while activating the bonus multiplier that applies to your later prizes. If you collect a new winning streak after your first win, the game will pay you the bounty bonus, clear the symbols again and increase your multiplier meter a second time. By connecting two, three or more payouts in a row, you can get yourself a bonus multiplied by up to 10 times.

As a final extra feature, Crown Jewels gives you a Wild icon that looks like a game icon. This special symbol can replace any symbol in the winning streak to help you collect more prizes and activate the cascading scroll feature. The Wild Symbol can also trigger payouts, ranging from 30 to 500 coins per chain. Get the highest multiplier added to your win and you can collect 5,000 coins for a single match chain! In short, if you enjoy playing simple 5-reel slots that can give you a lot of bonuses, Crown Jewels will be a good choice to consider next time you look for a new game.